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Creative Homemade Presents and Other Nice 1st Anniversary Ideas

If you have close couple-friends celebrating a great first year of marriage and they invited you over for dinner, you may want to consider 1st anniversary ideas like homemade gifts they’d surely appreciate. There’s actually a wide range of traditional wedding anniversary gifts you may pick for them.

Traditional anniversary gifts are a good bottle of wine, or a basket filled with gourmet treats, or photo frame. Other great anniversary ideas are tickets to a concert you know the couple will surely love, a hardbound photo book, or a pack of quality multivitamins or all-natural snacks. All of these are great, but if you have creative, homemade 1st anniversary gifts, then by all means carry them out.

If you know the favorite songs of your friends marking their first wedding anniversary, you can give a customized CD containing their favorite tracks, along with a mini movie featuring both serious and wacky photos of their first year of marriage. Smashing 1st anniversary ideas that your gang of friends may prepare is a caricature of the couple or a giant birthday card with heartwarming messages written all over it.

anniversary ideasOther nice first anniversary ideas – if your have culinary ability – are home baked heart-shaped cookies, chocolate truffles, or anniversary cake. Yummy pastries which you made yourself, placed in a pretty gift jar, can also be delightful homemade  anniversary gifts.

Beyond material gifts, thoughtful 1st anniversary ideas that some couples may welcome are special favors like offers to babysit their kid so they can enjoy quality time by themselves. Let your couple-friends celebrate what they have together, through 1st anniversary ideas that’ll give them time to bond. Gift certificates for a hotel stay can be exciting for them. After partaking of dinner in your friends’ house, you can devise a game wherein each one will express what he/she would want from the hubby (greater share in household chores, occasional dinner in a good restaurant, etc.). Such anniversary gifts can be helpful.

If you have a creative knack, you can put photos and stickers in a coffee mug and give this to your friends marking their first wedding anniversary. Useful anniversary ideas can be couple t-shirts with their photo printed on the shirts, or handmade bead bracelets or necklaces. Natural handmade soaps or homemade dipped candle gift for the couple’s home are also lovely ideas for presents.

Whatever 1st anniversary ideas you may have for your close friends, remember it’s the thought that counts, and besides, your presence alone, or that you’re bringing a gift that you made yourself can be highly appreciated. What is your idea? Please share it with us for the benefit of everyone.

Romantic Getaway, Jewelry and Other Terrific 1st Anniversary Ideas

Celebrating your first year of marriage and not quite sure what 1st anniversary ideas your hubby is looking forward to? It largely depends on the interests, personality, and preoccupations of your significant other. Fabulous 1st anniversary ideas for the well-off range from designer bags or fragrances, to elegant footwear, to pricey furniture like a chair for hubby to sit back and relax, to a cruise.

A first wedding anniversary is a milestone, and celebrating it in a special way by allotting time for the beloved and a token of appreciation can mean a lot. An appreciative husband must give a careful thought. Along with quality time, suitable 1st anniversary gift may be something that well represents the first year of marriage, like gold jewelry or freshwater pearls. A tiny silver cross pendant for her can also be among the nice anniversary gifts.anniversary idea

A random survey of newlyweds mulling over 1st anniversary ideas revealed that busy working couples desire a romantic getaway (with no kids in tow) in a nice destination like an idyllic beach. Revisiting a place where couples spent happy and romantic moments and wining and dining there can spell magic.

Other great ideas to give a fuzzy, giddy “still in love” feeling may be an overnight stay in a first-rate hotel. Try to dig up a memento of your dating days, like a love letter, and present this in a creative way (framed or placed inside a jewelry box or leather notebook) and add it to your special anniversary celebration. A husband may surprise his wife with something nice and naughty, like fine lingerie embodying sheer elegance that’ll look really sexy on her. For men with the highest of expectations, a wife may give a quality watch, designer leather wallet or flask, or other traditional wedding anniversary gifts may create delight.

There are many thoughtful traditional anniversary gifts for the couple entering their second year of wedded bliss. If the first year of marriage has been rather busy and hectic, a great 1st anniversary idea may be a spa treatment for two or a skin care pampering set. Some couples’ anniversary ideas may be as simple as a movie date or giving each other a back rub.

Some other simple 1st anniversary ideas are watching your wedding DVD together, giving a memory book with photographs and souvenirs, personalized mugs or bath towels, a subscription of the hubby’s favorite magazine, and so on. Delightful 1st anniversary ideas need not be extravagant, but if your spouse chooses to give only the best, well why not?

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